Ive tried a few different versions of a Ranger Roll. From using a bivi bag combined with a sleeping bag and canvas bedroll for a ground sheet. This one is more of the traditional version incorporating a Helikon tex Taiga Green poncho combined with a Helikon Tex Swagman Roll in adaptive green and reflective blanket.

colour differences between the adaptive green and taiga green

I may also include a wool blanket for winter use, however this will mainly be used for 1) my GHB Get Home Bag to reduce weight for carrying long distances and 2) a trial use to test out for when Dave Cantebury returns to Australia to teach his Level 1 course. In my GHB I also have a Snugpak Stasha Tarp and a Snugpak special forces Bivi bag in coyote.

toggle attachment system for corner grommets

The idea behind teaching it on survival based courses is to use one item for multiple uses but in reality Id rather carry an extra tarp so you dont have to take apart your sleep system to set up overhead shelter. The same goes with a poncho. You would have to take apart half your sleep system, but thats the idea of learning to adapt with minimal equipment.Adds to the challenge. Ive chosen to stay with a plain colour scheme, no camouflage. Multicam is very hard to come by at the moment.

Something I would like to try with this system is to use a SOL Escape Bivi instead of the mylar reflective blanket and keep the reflective blanket for use as a tarp. I dont think anyone has thought of using the SOL bivi along with the Swagman Roll,it would free up the use of the poncho.