Id purchased a Remote Projects oilskin Tarp 9×9 some time ago and due to traveling for courses or injuries hadn’t tested it as much as I would have liked. During my time laid up from the knee Ive been going through all my gear and getting it ready for as soon as I’m able to go bush again without fear of doing any further damage to myself. The older version of Remote Projects tarps have a sewn in ridge-line. I tend to set my tarps up now using a plough point rather than an A-Frame and was thinking of either selling my original tarp and purchasing the newer version with no in built ridge-line or trying to order from over seas from Tentsmiths. Which I may still do for an 8×8 size. However after contacting Ross Remote Projects, He was able to remove the sewn inline and re-enforce the center-seam for me, saving me from selling it or having to purchase another. Thx Ross. I may have to enquire about getting an 8×8 from Ross at some stage. Dave Canturbury may be coming over to Australia at some stage to teach his level 1 and an 8×8 is required for his level 2 course. I believe on level 2 you have to build your own ladder style pack frame and wrap your gear in a tarp to carry it.

Australian Made
center seam removed and reenforced
outside view of center seam
heavy duty stitching all way around