Been messing around with my TT Medic Assault Pack today and trying to fill it out. Cant finish it off until I receive a full length a full length bungee section.

front with sizzors
very front pouch contains stretcher
still trying to find a place for 30mm tube tape and carabiner
need a full length bungee section to complete pack
top contains pens small survival kit and hemostats
side pouch splints, mylar blankets for thermal control and baby wipes
one side nasopharyngeal airways and a small tops beaching tool
other side glow sticks
the three inside bags the middle contains PPE the bottom airway and the top diagnostic tools
Diagnotic tools Ive kept in my maxpedition pouch I like the set up
PPE Gloves and masks
Airway Guedel airway kit, Pocket BVM i also placed a BSL (Blood Sugar Level) Kit in there because I had room till I find a better place
BSL kit
always place zippers in the middle everytime so they can be found without looking
still have rolled gauze, tape, gauze, triangular bandages, Israeli bandages, tourniquets, to fit in bungee section.
Id like to place a SOF-T tourniquet wide on the outside of the pack