On dis-mornings bike ride, it suddenly felt very quite. Which was out of the ordinary for that particular area. Bird life was usually every where. I started looking around for the source, feeling very out of place at the moment in time. There on a tree about 30 meters in front of me was a hawk. I stopped to take a few quick pictures and was going to stop and take more on the way back through instead of taking my normal route and try and measure the length of the cone of silence that all the other birds presented with knowing a raptor was in the immediate vicinity. I named him Maxwell Smart. Max wasn’t there on the return, however there were moments of intense quietness through the pathway where he must have been circling overhead. I hadn’t seen a raptor in over 12 months.

I keep meaning to purchase a copy of The Peregrine by J A Baker.



Max is my first Letter Winged Kite I think? Black shouldered kites are more common in this area.