Missed out on the last week of the build. Spent 7 more days in hospital with COVID. Had a temperature of 38 degrees and an oxygen level of 92 and called the ambulance. By the time I sat in ED for a few hours my 02 level dropped to 88% and they had to put me on 3 liters of oxygen. Seven days of three different antibiotics, antivirals and intravenous steroids to bring my level back up enough to get off oxygen. The bones are now there. Still lots to do but have run out of cash as you do with these projects. Would need another sheet of hardwood ply to finish the wheel arch covers and storage over the seats, paint the interior doors to match the walls which would require a shed to keep the doors open, Have to drop the fuel tank and attach a spigot for the diesel heater fuel line, new tyre and rim, and a wheel alignment possibly.